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travel insurance elbrus


Im climbing Elbrus next year, but being from Uk Im struggling to get the necessary travel insurance as the uk govt advises against travel in this area.
Does anyone know of a company that insures for this area?

Hi there, take a look at the Travel insurance link on the menu on the left.

They cover all places.
Check the altitude limit for your nationality as they differ, but you can request exemption, once you show it is non-technical and you will be above 4000m for just one day.

Cheers, Harry

As an American, coverage is only good up to 15,000 feet.  I think I will have to go as Thai and pay a weeee  bit more(ok A LOT), but nevertheless, that insurance is still good...

If you're from the Uk, try the BMC. They provide good cover. I used them for Elbrus in 2006 without hassle. They were happy to cover at that stage

Thanks for that Harry
Will give them a go.

Checked with BMC but they will no longer cover Elbrus region until govt advice changes.


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