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ACONCAGUA 2003 anybody


Any body interested in climbing aconcagua in early 2004 please contact me. I have already booked a flight and i will be guided up the mountain with aconcagua adventures.  

Lance Trumbull:
I just climbed Mt. Elbrus and me (and three guys who I met on the trip) are all interested in also doing Aconcagua; nothing is certain yet, but if we do go it would be around the Christmas holiday or around early January. Feel free to email me at my normal email:


Hey! I'am willing to do it at any cost!!

Bryan Ward:
Man I wish I could go this year, but I think I need one more year of experience before trying it.  Let me know if something happens and you put it off until next year.  I am already seriously thinking about Aconcagua in Dec '03/Jan '04.


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