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Why is it so quiet here? That's a good question..

Maybe everybody just read and don't post (yep, that's my vote).

Or it could be your option number 2, people just don't dream anymore :-[. They still climb but it's more efficient nowadays, they buy a trip and go for it and that's that. No more saving money for ages by eating macaroni and tuna and working your ass off to raise some extra cash to buy new boots...No more searching for the cheapest flights and shabbiest hotels...or calling a friend of a friend to ask if you could sleep on their floor for a few nights...No more sleepless nights spent staring at pictures of faraway mountains planning and dreaming. Ah the good old times :D

Well, there are several reasons :)

First of all, we get tens of thousands of visitors every month, so it is true that many people read but do not comment.
Many people are too busy to leave comments. Many people rather spend time in a virtual world than preparing for a real trip... many people that 'do not have time to climb' spend days on FaceBook and Twitter.

Also I have restricted posting and registration as the spam was getting too bad. Nowadays more than 99% (!) of new registrations are spam, so I only approve once a month or so as it is still a lot of work.

I am working on a major, major update of 7summits.com (a rebuild actually) and as I also have to run a business and do a million other things, this is not finished (and it will take a while), so it is also my fault.
I answers literally dozens to hundreds emails per week which always get priority, so at least there are still many people with good dreams and funds to follow through.

Mari, looking at your forum signature: when are you going to Muztagh Ata  8) ?
Cheers, Harry

Hi Harry!

I'm going there next July. You sure know mountains :)

Btw, I joined this forum back in 2005 (I think) and haven't been too active myself :-[ but I promise to do better from now on and do my part in keeping the forum alive. I guess I've been so quiet here because this forum is primarily about the 7 summits and though I've climbed many things since 2005, my 7 summits count is still 0/7 :o

It's nice to hear that you're planning updates, not that there's anything wrong with 7summits.com now, but maybe updates will also bring new interest towards the forum and encourage more people to register.

I've been quiet because I've been busy with work, amongst other things. Haven't been climbing anything big abroad since May 2009, unfortunately...

Heading to the Alps next month though to regain my appetite :-)  O0


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