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What is the hardest summit to climb?

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--- Quote from: smrtnupp on Oct 26 2004, 07:07 ---Ouch!!!! Getting alittle rough in here  :(
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Well, it wasn't really my intention at first but at some point I need to let it out! I agree with you that I think it's wonderful that trunl wants to climb the seven summits. You are also completely right when you say he should be like a sponge and suck in all the info here. I'm here for that same reason, to suck in information and maybe (hopefully) get to know a few people in the process...


--- Quote from: trunl on Oct  8 2003, 20:17 ---most talk about how the mental challenges are the hardest, yet most people cant handle them. the other day, when i went to the dentist, and found i had a cavity, i told him no gas or antiseptic just to see if i could handle the pain. it was unbelievable, and i will probably never do it again, but anyway like i was saying the mental is the hardest, so i say vinson is the most challenging

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This is hilarious. Focus on the primary mental aspect of mountaineering: discipline.


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