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Denali can only be guided by certified Denali guides, do you agree?

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This is a new poll about Denali guiding:
Possible answers:
-Yes, other guides don't know Denali
-Yes, it's a US mountain, so US guides should make $$ of it
- No, any guide should be allowed
- No, the climbers should be able to choose any guide they want
- Yes, it helps prevent rescues
- No, anyone should be free to do what they want
- Dunno...

Actually, it's not special Denali guides, but Denal guiding companies. Anyone they hire can be a Denali guide, it's irrellevant if they know the mountain or not, are certified guides per se etc.

There are fewer deaths on Denali than on Aconcagua, but the guiding rate is about the same..
Inguided climbs are allowed, but you cannot guide if you are not employed by the 6 licensed companies who clearly have a price agreement as all prices are exactly equal and all trips are filled.

Is it really to protect the climbers or to protect their monopoly?
What do you think?

Looking forward to seeing your votes and comments here!

every other country does not have limits of who can guide their mountains, so why should we? let everyone hire any guide they want.

thats not the case...in europe the mountains are open for every1....and every1 can guide on them aswel....also americans.

So lets turn this around...why should we not be allowed on Denali (witch is the only mountain in the US were that restriction applys i believe)...

in europe about 30 years ago, they tried to limit the guides on the mountain to only guides to which the mountain was in.

in case you didnt know.

30 years ago..... ::) what has that do do with the reality of the prenst situation...?
Your 14 years old trunl....you could have been born twice ffs ;D


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