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Should 7summiteers climb 8 summits just to be sure?

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This is a poll about the classic 7th summit issue:
Possible answers:
-  No, stick to your opinion and climb the 7th you think is right
- Yes, if you want to be sure you are on all lists
- 8 summits? Huh?
- Don't know
- Don't care

As you know there are 2 lists of summiteers: with Carstensz Pyramid and with Kosciuszko. So, on what list should you be? Both? Or stick to a principle choice?

Looking forward to seeing your votes and comments here!

Matt B:
The 7th summit has to be Carstensz.  Because the World's 7 "continents" are the political continents which divide every piece of land on the planet into seven groups.  If we were to talk about continent in the alternative geographic sense as large contigous land masses and ignore the man-made cannels there are only 4 continents - EuroAfroAsia, The Americas, Antractica and Australia.  Also in that definition the rest of the world (islands) are not part of any continent.

well i always liked to visit Australia anyway so a bike up that hill there .....why not ;D

there are actually seven continents and i say you climb 8 (with kos. and carst.) so you get on the lists of the people who dont recognize that there are actually SEVEN continents. Also, if you want to group a continent by a land mass then it would still NOT be the americas, it would be NORTH AMERICA and SOUTH AMERICA!  THEY ARE SEPARATED BY THE PANAMA CANAL! the ocean flows and meets in between the TWO continents!

witch is man made ::)


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