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What is the name of North America's summit: Denali or McKinley?

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This is a new poll about a current issue in modern mountaineering:
Possible answers:
- Denali
- McKinley
- Other?

The original Athabascan name is Denali, but it was renamed to honour president McKinley who did not even climb ithe mountain.. The mountain is still officially named McKinley, but it is in Denali park.
Stick with the current name, or restore the old one?
What do you think and where are you from?

Looking forward to seeing your votes and comments here!

the mountain is commonly called McKinley by non-climbers, however most climbers call it Denali. I say the real name is denali but we should not change it because calling it denali is kind of like a code for us climbers.

how about "the snow slog mountain" ;D

how about not

its appropiate  ;D


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