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Summiting Everest with oxygen increases chances of survival by 200%. Is it fair?

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This is a poll about a current issue:
Possible answers:
- Yes, it's still no walk in the park
- Yes, surviving is part of the summiting
- Yes, oxygen is part of the gear just like gloves and crampons
- No, it is cheating
- Oxygen? huh?

Is using oxygen cheating as others have climbed without? Or is it part of the gear? Is using crampons or rope cheating too?
What is a fair climb? And what are acceptable risks?

Looking forward to seeing your votes and comments here!

oxygen is not cheating, it is just another way to climb the mountain. it is everyones decision to make once they get on the mountain. i say if it feels right, do it! I, personally plan to climb without oxygen

oxygen is a way...not the most "pure"one..but a way to do it.

actually, i totally agree with you there, i feel we should all climb without oxygen, but some need it

Born with Krampons:
I think that oxygen should be supplied on all everest trips but i don't think that it should be used as commonly as "krampons and ropes" I think that oxygen should be used for emergency purposes only otherwise if another disaster like 96 happens and people can't get to oxygen...


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