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Should Sherpas be allowed on Everest?

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Josef Lovell:
If you have a sherpa carrying all of your stuff and cooking all of your food. Your not surviving the mountain climb you are getting pampered with gormet food and all of your necessities. Now sherpas should be allowed to keep the bridges in shape because that is something that every expedition cannot do but I believe that we should climb Everest as Alpinests carrying our own gear


If you wanna climb it "like alpinist" then do so, its a nice and respectable goal. But dont expect others to have your standards or ideas on ethical climbing.

Besides that. Your taking away the sherpas main source of income were they feed and dress their whole family and relatives with...

I agree with Ron here; it is your decision to climb alpine style or not. It is also your decision to start the climb in Lukla, Kathmandu or at sealevel or anywhere else.  8)
But the Sherpas need the income from expeditions, so for them I hope there will be many 'gourmet' expeditions to come, so they can educate and feed their children.

you did not say it directly, but you disagree with the guy who wrote that 'we should not pull rich people up the mountain,' meaning that you think we should. sit there and think about it for a couple of hours and it will come to you.

as far as im concerned those rich no skill "climbers"are kept away from the mountains

but you cannot say sherpa dont belong there..their are many very skilled ones and the urn money not for their own family but for a whole vilage sometimes
Its just to much to say they dont belong thier..they take risks they are aware of..just like climbers do (they are also climbers)

The only ones to blame for something if you would dothat are the rich "climbers" who have no idea and ake an overpropartianl risk for their own and the people they climb with.

Luckely their are also a lot of experianced climbers who hire them so they can take the same calculated risk as the climbers themselves

in short..rather no rich guys on that mountain...but its to much to sat sherpas dont belong there...they are also in their own country and you cannot denie them taking care of their livelyhood


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