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Heading to Australia...might be near Kosciuszko


I'll be over there in June on a holiday for 4 weeks and I'm likely to be travelling the east coast, so why the heck not make my way down to the snowy mountains.

That's where my questions begin:

It's likely to be the Aussie winter over there. If I'm going to be travelling a lot over 4 weeks I want to travel light. What sort of gear would I need at that time for an ascent of Kosciuszko? How many days is it likely to take? Are there any tourist information agencies there I could contact?

My web browsing has yielded very little insight into what's involved. I know it's a straight forward mountain but I still like to be informed!

Its quite easy, may take 1 or 2 days.

You can take or hire some cross country skis from Thredbo, a ski resort near by, and catch a chairlift to within 1500 ft of the summit.
Its not cold by US standards.
While you are there, visit Kakadu NP, Fraser Island NP, Byron Bay, and dive the great barrier reef.


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