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For extreme high altitude mountaineering, Which brand makes the most reliable, longest lasting, highest performance, most durable CLOTHING...(fleeces, shells, pants, etc., not Equipment)...North Face, Patagonia, Arc'teryx, Columbia, Mountian HARD WEAR, etc.?

I sell all those brands you mention in your post. Columbia doesnt belong in there. (nice to go skiing but thats it)
If your looking for good clothing then its hard to say witch brand i best and there is alway a possibility in hard core conditions that someting will fail.
However after 13 years of climbing Arc t rex and Patagonia have my preferance in terms of weight/performance/design and function.
Brands like  Berghaus ,the north face, Mountian hardware , Haglofs come in as a good second ad also do the job.
(and i also would recommend socks from merinowool (smartwool). It beats any sock made of "plastic" fibers.)

thanks for the response!

I like patagonia also, I've used it for fishing in British columbia, but never for High Altitude mountaineering.  (I've never been)  But I was really curious to know, anyway, thanks.

Hi Steelhead and Ron,
thanks for your question and input. I have created a poll for this question, you can choose your favourite brand here.
Thanks and keep climbing,
Harry 8)

i think north face and mountain hard wear are the top 2 they both have very reliable gear


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