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Aconcagua Nov/Dec 2004

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Josť Machado:
Hey, I just climbed (25th september 2003) the kilimanjaro and I am trying to get a team to go the aconcagua in november or december 2004.
Anyone interested ?
contact me

I am!  What routes are you considering?

Emily Schindler:
Which route did you take on Mt. Kilimanjaro? Yes, I am interested in your Aconcagua dream, however I need more details on your Kili summit and your Axoncagua plans.

Hey you guys, have you seen the new 2004/2005 trips and prices here: ?

You can join an organised trip or join up together and get a private trip, if you can round up some more people this might be even cheaper, but it gives you flexibility in dates anyway.

Keep climbing,

I have a group of 4 people (confirmed) doing the Normal route on December 1, 2004.  If you would like to join us please let me know. 


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