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We have a school project of trying to find out about information for climbing Mt. Aconcagua because our teacher's friends are going to climb it.

Do you know what rope fiber is best suited for a mountain such as Aconcagua and which brand to buy?



black diamond

perlon is the most common used fabric fore the core of modern climbing ropes...the outside of the rope is a mix of very water resistant and abrasive nylons to protect the core. Perlon is used because its very dynamic and mechanicly stable after strain put up on it.

I suggest surfing a bit on teh manufacterurs homepages (brands mentioned above) to find more details.

hope this helps you a bit ..tadda

Hi Kamran,
are you sure this is not a trick question? Most people use no roppes on Aconcagua except like they are climbing one of the technical routes like the Polish Glacier direct, the south face etc.

If you want to use a rope on the normal route then it does not have to be a thick one as there will be no leader falls on the rope and no need for crevasse resques, so even one part of a double rope is sufficient for that route.

But most ropes are made similar, just check out the websites of the brands Ron mentioned and you will learn a lot about materials etc.

if not a trick question, then i suggest a very sturdy thick rope.

Maybe a aircraft carrier anckor rope??? ::)


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