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The second highest summit on every continent!

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uh, no. some of the ones u listed are eaiser than the highest. and second, its not carstensz, its australia, and the second highest on australia is definately easier than kos.

OK, let's leave the ever present Puncak Jaya/Carstenz vs. Kosciuszko question aside.

Back to to the rest of the list:

Everest - K2
Elbrus - Dychtau
Kilimanjaro - Mt Kenya
Mt Vinson - Mt Tyree

Which one Trunl?
A direct answer on a direct question, please.


My plans.
Licking my wounds, recover from frost bite and have a real think about the 7.
It's interesting in some ways, in some ways not. As I see it, it's not worth the costs if you only climb one summit on each continent. Peak bagging is not my thing. On the other hand, if the project is combined with more climbing of other peaks close to the 7, it could be very interesting. After all, you end up going to places you wouldn't hardly visit otherwise and the idea of having a long term project suits me fine.
So, basically, my plan is to find out if The Plan I have in mind is realistic. :)

Dychtau and mt kenya, COULD be looked at as easier.

Could???   be specifiek


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