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Well, I was planning on starting my 7 summits quest this winter by climbing Aconcagua.  However, many different money problems have come about and Im having to push it back to some other time. :'(

I was wondering if anyone knew a way to maybe get some sponsorships or something like that...?

there is a simple question....what is in it for the sponsor/what do they get outta it?????

If you can answer that question in a positive way you can start contacting potential sponsors

it depends on many things. if you live in a large town or a big city, if you are very young or very old, what conditions you will be attempting it under (speed accent, alone, no oxygen), and how much experience you have. also what ron mentioned.

good luck

dale abenojar:
Dear sponsors,

Greetings from the Philippines. I am a licensed mountain guide in my country since 1989. I am very fit and a strong climber as well.

I wish to be the "1st Filipino atop Everest with the 7Summits team." I will share success with 85million Filipinos through my tri-media sponsors day-by-day. I can give back 300% tri-media exposure in the Philippines anf its intnl cable affiliates in return for sponsorship.

I am set for the 2006 Everest ascent with the permission of 7ummits team.

Thank you.

Dale Abenojar

norman jaravata:
Please don't be taken by this 'Dale' . He was a member of the University of the Philippines Mountaineers until we had the right sense and expelled him. He brings guns to climbs despite knowing that it is forbidden in the club and against the law. He was never successful being a guide  for he has abandoned many of the ones he has conned.
He sought and is seeking again sponsorship for his 'summit' attempts despite not  having experience climbing outside the Philippines. Included in his list for his supposed attempts are a Land  Rover and about $2000 worth of climbing books. as if this will help his inexperience.
Be aware of his scams.


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