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Highest peak of Arctic

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If you count Greenland as Arctic then Gunnbjørnsfjell (3693 moh)  would be the highest peak of Arctic. What about counting Gunnbjørnsfjell as the eight of the "8 summits"? ???

The artic aint no continent is it !.....Green land belongs to north america

there are always the small pieces of land that some claim to be part of a different continent than they really are on, so i post this link to show what country belongs to what continent and the second link is for a detailed list to show exactly what country belongs to which continent.




did you have geographics and politics in school? Greenland belongs to denmark and denmark belongs to europe.

weel now you say it i remeber somthing in that direction...i just took a look at this map


i guess its wrong or im to quick ;)

lol and at this site it is not in counrty list of america but also not in the europe list...Lmao


yup your right  althuogh they have an own goverment since 1979 or something political responcability is denmarks concern


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