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Hey! i just though of a higher standard doing the 7 summits: how about taking the most difficult routes up to the summit and not the easiest or main-routes (like the marangu-route on kilimanjaro) ?
let's call it "7Summits-Deluxe"

the problem is nobody will agree on the most difficult route, or people might disagree the most difficult route would be a new one that hasnt been found yet.


okay, okay,

so just let the "7summits-Deluxe"-version be that you climb to the summit NOT on the easiest or common-route.
I know that not thousands of climbers shout "Great!" because they are not able to do another route than the highway up to the everest or the lovely walkway on top of aconcagua...  ;)

there are some summits that people would not agree on the most common route. you need to find something not based on opinion like climbing to the summit in a day or less on a speed ascent.

Hi Guys,
I agree with Trunl here, there is no way you can determine the easiest or most difficult route, very likely that latter one has not even been opened yet!
See also this FAQ about climbing the 2nd highest points for more thoughts about what to clim and ask yourself why you are climbing as well!

::) ;) 8)

Keep climbing,
best regards,



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