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i will be climbing mt whitney in july 2004. it will be my first major climb before i start my eight (not seven, i will climb both) summits. if anybody has any info or tips or summaries of their own climbs on whitney, all would be well appreciated.

Don't feed the damn birds at camp 3.  They will never leave u  Enojoy, it's a fun climb.   :)

what route are you going? id really recommend the Mountaineer's Route as it is less crowded and a little more challenging (though not too technical). The chute just below the summit is very similar to the canaleta on Aconcagua if it is not filled with whitney is a great mountain to train on because of it's altitude (i went there a lot before I did Denali). I hope you have a great trip,
Tanner (

date changed to june. i am off for a month long trip, and i will be climbing whitney along the way. i will be back on the 27th of june.

farewell :'( :'(,

ahh well, it is time. i am leaving june 4 and am packing. goodbye.



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