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Naked on the seven summits

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warn me when you get there I wont be   ;D...i dont wanna be confronted with a naked guy on the summit of Vinson or any other mountain ;)

Would it been consider cheating if I wear shoes?

not at all! i would still consider you, uhh  :P, naked.

::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::)is it not elbrus in the background? i don`t understandt the polish language but maybe it says that  someone actually is going to try it?   ;D

Nice  8)
Now tell us how the hell did you find that picture! And yes, it actually looks like Elbrus!

Geoff Tabin has made a picture of himself and his climbing partners on top of Carstensz Pyramid wearing nothing but penis gourds

Who's next?  ;D


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