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polish glacier routes & glacier changes?


Anthony J. Biacco:
Can someone explain to me the differences of the polish glacier routes?
Polish direct vs. Polish via Piedra Bandera vs. Polish direct Aragonesa variation.
Difficulty, time, difference in obstacles.

Also, does someone have a 'recent' picture of the glacier? I'm interested in how it's changing over time.



Hey Tony, that is s long story, wil publish some detailed pages about that soon.
In short the Banderas variation is longer, less steep, but generally more dangerous due to hard ice and wind. Pro is that you can camp near teh Banderas, making summitday shorter. The direct variation is steeper but safer, but you can get stuck on deep snow.

Here is a recent picture (January 2, 2004) of the direct side of the glacier, click for an enlargement

Anthony J. Biacco:
cool, i'll look forward to those. what would you say the steepest angle on the direct is? maybe 60?

btw, i still have to get those logistics to you..we're still decision-making, i haven't forgotten about you :-)



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