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Hello all,
as you can see we just added this board where you can let us know about your summits!
If you have any stories, pictures or tips to share, just let us know.
Oh, and you can also link your summitday to the calendar if you like, a new feature of this board. Use the calendar button that will appear at the bottom of your post after posting, or you can post from the calendar using the link in the left menu.

For now we will only have one summitboard, but if many people add stories we will split them.

A few rules for this board:

- You must be registered to upload any pictures or to access the calendar. This is free and only takes a second, just click the link in the menu.
- You must have climbed the mountains! But, if you tried but did not summit, that's ok, we are also interested in stories about it not succeeding, others can learn from that
- Only post pictures/stories that are yours to post.
- you can also write down your story if you climbed a month or 25 years ago!

If you have a longer story to share, email them to info @ 7summits.com and we will add them to the main site under the separate mountains. See a nice Kilimanjaro example with loads of pictures here.

If you took a lot f pictures, you can upload them on the image section of the site (where they can be sent as ecards as well then) or you can email them as well and we will do it for you.

Good luck!
Thanks and keep climbing, writing and photographing!

Harry  8)

I hope to add a nice 1 this year ;)


--- Quote from: Ron on Feb 25 2004, 03:27 ---I hope to add a nice 1 this year ;)

--- End quote ---
I think you can already add a nice 1 from last year  8)

Hey im the guy on the left...but who's the guy on the right Harry ?  ;D ;)

I'll write a small report when i have time for it coming weekend  :)

Umm, dunno  ???, but he looks like a wuss with that big down jacket  ;D


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