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summitted mount Elbrus 2002
Summitted Mount Denali 2003

Elbrus 2002, denali2003, vinson 2004, Aconcagua 2004 and recently Everest 2004 and 2005 (no summit)

my wife and I: Kili 2003, Elbrus 2004, Aconcagua and Kosciuszko 2005
many pictures and stories on our lonelyplanet website (it is currently the website of the month, but when it is not, just search for michelle and charlie)

I have a question, though-  My body does not seem to like altitude.  Even though we spent a lot of time up in the Andes before Aconcagua, I had this dry cough above say 5000 m, getting worse with the altitude.  So much so that on summit day even little effort brought on a lot of coughing.  Should I bag the hope of ever climbing over 7000 m?

Kilimanjaro - Nov 2004

Currently waiting for a sunny day in Talkeetna, Alaska, so that our team can fly onto the mountain. Hopefully in 3 weeks or so, I will add Denali to the list.

summitted kilimanjaro 25/12/2005

Acon attempt dec 2006


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