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Author Topic: to use a down jacket or not to use  (Read 5886 times)


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to use a down jacket or not to use
« on: Feb 26 2004, 05:22 »

 ??? exactly how cold can it get on top of kili.  i keep hearing that your supposed to have a down jacket as part of the gear requirements. but my friend climbed it and didnt use a down jacket at all.  Whats better having a down jacket or not?


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Re:to use a down jacket or not to use
« Reply #1 on: Feb 26 2004, 13:06 »

Hey Acetk,

if you have a (light) downjacket, I would take it most of the mountains as it's very comfortable when sitting around camp, doesn't matter if you are on Kili, Aconcagua or the Alps. But a large Baltoro jacket is certainly overkill for Kili, a thick fleece normally does the trick just as well.
If you do not have a down jacket, you can buy a Nuptse jacket or similar, which is in fact nothing more than a light, windproof (not waterproof!) and foldable version of a warm fleece. But it is definately not needed, just a nice addition around camp. And, depending on the color  ::), it might look cooler. But wearing a good windproof hat mostly has more value...

Although I take it most of the time for camp use, I have never walked in my down jacket, only the 2nd time on the summitridge on Denali. Remember that down jackets are NOT designed for wet or moist environments. On Kili it might be too warm or moist -> sweat -> water -> wet unusable down jacket.
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