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Well if we can post Silly links in the chitchat forum, we can alsdo place some lame jokes I guess.. ;)

--- Quote ---A guy says, "Doctor, Doctor! Help me, I keep thinking I'm getting smaller!"

Doctor replies, "Well, you'll just have to be a little patient."
--- End quote ---

A guy comes in at the doctors office with a frog on his head.

"oke"the doctor says "what can i do for you"
 "Well" the frog says" there is something growing under my foot"


a man comes to the doctor, doctor says: what's wrong?

' I don't know'  the man says, 'sometimes I feel like a VE25, the next minute I feel like like a Trango?!?'

'Relax, I know what's going on, you are 2 tents!

(if you don't get it, read it out loud.  ;)


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