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Bye bye & good luck... Ron on Everest!

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Today we said goodbye to Ron  ;D (he's still single ;)), Wilco O0 en Rex ??? at Schipholairport. They go to climb Mount Everest...

good luck, hope ya make it

You can follow his progress on the Dutch website www.everest2004.nl but I will give some updates very now and then as well here for the english speakers that might be interested.

They are in ABC now and Ron is not feeling too well, has had a lot of stomach problems which causes friction of course. But they still have plenty of time to get better, so let's hope they keep their strength!
Especially mentally as that is the key to climb Everest in the end..
Ron had some stomach problems on Denali as well last year, but that did not keep him from summiting with me

Here is another update from Everest BC.
Ron had a throat infection and has received some antibiotics and is feeling much better now after resting down in BC.
BC is ok as the weather is terrible at the moment so there is not much they can do anyway now.

They have spent some nights at North Col so are still on schedule but he has let us know that this is the hardest thing he has ever done in his life.
Everest is no picknick!

Meanwhile all sorts of weird things are going on on Everest as usual, like climbers trying to skip camps because they did not bring enough tents etc. Somehow it keeps attracting the wrong (dangerous) crowds!

Fingers crossed for Ron! 8)

Good luck Ron!


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