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Is it possible to Board/ski down the seven summits?  Like mountain board and snowboard.  Iíve mountain boarded and snowboarded down some Cascades in Oregon and the Rockies in Colorado.  This summer I Ďam going to mountain board Mt. Whitney in California.  But I seek more adventure.  This could be the next challenge. Where there is a will there is a way.  I am not experienced in high altitude at all but would risk it all for a chance.             

Hey there,

noticed this was not answered  :P

I contacted Stephen Koch as he was the one being the furthest in boarding the seven summits, I think he has been boarding on all summits and has summited 6 out of 7, this is what he replied to me:

--- Quote ---Hi Harry,
I did not summit  Everest and don't plan to return. I was on the North Face this past summer climbing without oxygen during the monsoon to try to snowboard. I ended up snowboarding the Japanese Couloir.

Stephen Koch
P.O. Box 7165 / 510 South Millward Street
Jackson, WY 83001

--- End quote ---

So I think you have a goal now  8)

hope you arent doing the kosciuszko version!!  :D :D


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