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I am looking for a handheld type device that provides various weather data (temp, baro, etc) along with altitude readings.  Can anyone recommend one?

I have used the Suunto wrist computers for many years and like them.
My current one the XHR6 I think has time, altitude, temperature, pressure, heartrate and much more (even slope  :o)
Oh, and it tells *dual) time as well  ;D

You can also upload the altitude graphs and training schedules to your PC using the connector.



Is this too good to be true? Light, easy to carry - a mountaineers dream? Or promising way more than it can deliver in a useful fashion?   :-\

woah, that looks impressive  :o
The clumsy Casio GPS watch was very basic but actually worked and could be quite useful for basic GPS-ing.

The Suunto x9 at least looks much better  ;D But mostly main problem is batteries. I wonder how long they last as normal GPS's quit within one day and you do not want your altitude record being erased because of the GPS I think.

But it could work, as most mountain areas do not have detailed maps of them a huge GPS with maps database etc is not useful anyway. The x9 could help in retrieving your camp/cache etc. Would have saved some lives in 1996 on everest I presume...

Any non watch format alternatives?


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