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I think silva has some hand held ones , like the blue oval thingy that also measures windspeed, altitude and pressure, maybe check those out:

I've just got a new wristwatch yesterday from my girlfriend. It's from an American company called Highgear. The watch is included in a series called "Altiware" and the name is Summit. I have the graphite black which is lovely.

I used to have Suunto Advizor but after testing this out yesterday and today I can only say that I'm hooked! Far better then Suunto Advizor. The only downside is that I miss a heart rate monitor for when I work-out but then I can always put on the Advizor.

Here is a link to the watch:

They also have non-wrist options. Just look around at the website!

About the X9 (suunto with GPS0.. Its has a battery life span of only 4 hiurs when you let it measure data continuesly. After thet you have to put it back on his reload station.
So not really very usefull if you are in the outback or far away in my opinion.

i came across this one on the web.


i dont need a HRM as i've got that already, and i dont want a watch version.

what do you folks think?



I use this for work, it's the NVG compatible version so I'm sure that the normal versions is a little more affordable.  I have yet to have a problem with it, everything has been accurate and I still haven't figured out what everything means.  I use it to record altitude, baro, temp, humidity and wind speed and direction. 


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