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What's the best mountaineering movie?

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We just added some new polls, one of them is

--- Quote ---What's the best mountaineering movie?

- Touching the void
- The Eiger Sanction
- Vertical Limits
- Everest IMAX
- K2 (Michael Biehn)
- Farther than the eye can See
- Other?
- I don't watch movies, I rather climb

--- End quote ---
Vote for it in the poll here
and use this topic to discuss it!

so far six people have voted and its 100% touching the void (of course the only other one i saw on the list was vertical limit). i saw it and thought it was an excellent movie, but did not think others would agree. but i proved myself wrong.

Well, I went to the cinema yesterday to see Touching the void (it only opened this week here) but it was all sold out, so my vote has to wait another 2 days  8)

On the way back we did see George Clooney, Elliot Gould and some other actors from Oceans 12 who are filming in the city and stay in the neighbourhood, really friendly guys!

I Have seen all movies on the list (except TTV), and think so far the Eiger sanction might be the best; bit outdated but great climbing footage and a great thriller. I know Vertical Limits was the worst  :P

If anyone is interested I purchased the Everest IMAX from CDON.com
It was about 8 USD including shipping... Great movie...

Now I wanna see Touching the Void

Hi everyone ! I saw much of them, and the best is Touching the Void.
Don't forget "Scream of Stone" with Donald Sutterland, and Stefan Glowacz. Is about climbing the Cerro Torre, in patagonia. It's very slow, but have great images of Cerro Torre.


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