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Author Topic: about this jokes board  (Read 9674 times)


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about this jokes board
« on: Apr 18 2002, 15:24 »

Hi all you (armchair) mountaineers!

this board is meant for a daily dose of humor and something to think about every now and then.

First of all a warning: mountaineers and climbers are .. well... different  ;) This translates into a sometimes cynical or rude approach to life and therefore not all of the jokes may be fun for everybody; we apologize in advance if you are offended and will take it off if needed.
But remember: life is no fun if you cannot laugh about yourself!

Please post the following in this forum:

- Jokes: must be climbing related (although related is a very loose term, can also be about other obesessions  ;) ), so be creative). Please keep it clean and without language that may be offensive to anyone.

- Quotes: we already have a built large collection (about 300-400 of quotes) which appear randomly around the site, but any new ones are welcome! Must be climbing related as above. These don't have to be funny, but can also be insprirational or thought provoking... Any good quotes will be added to our randomlist.

- funny anecdotes: do you have good stories about climbs, preferably about the 7 summits? Miscommunications, transportation breakdowns, famous last or first words? Share them here!

Funny Movies: we added the possibility to add YouTube movies to the board, just use the YouTube button above and paste the YouTube URL (full or just the shorter code at the end, both will work) and it will show up. Of course, only mountain related and funny stories should be posted here!

Looking forward to your posts!  ;D
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