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Cool down people....

People are intiteld to ask questions if there are inclarities. As long it is done in a civilized way

txs in advance or Ill moderate  ;)

sry, its just like this guy is trying to catch me in something so he can ruin me. sry again. i will not do anything innapropriate.


Isn't $175,000 a lot for the 7 (or 8) summits? That seems a little over priced. I'd do a little more research to get cheaper trips. How has it been getting sponsors trunl? When I once had ambitions of doing the Seven Summits (before I saw all the magnificent and possibly unclimbed peaks in the Andes), someone (an unimpressed potential sponsor) kindly told me "Everyone and their mother is attempting this.....what makes you special?" I really can't say (for me) since there are many people now trying for the youngest. I have come to find as well, that trying the seven summits unguided or semi-unguided (logistics arranged without the guides) tends to catch more sponsors eyes as it portrays their climber in a better light. Though I pay for most of my climbs by working over 40 hours a week, I have been able to get some $'s flowing from my website. Your website is very good looking, but I think you need to get some mountains on your "previous mountains" page before looking for big sponsors (a plane ticket to Seattle and trips in the Cascades are afforsable). I have come to find that no matter how much you say you are dedicated, without previous experience, to sponsors, especially because of your age, you aren't a safe investment. Other than that, you have a very detailed and well thought out plan...just hope you have good weather.... Repeating something like Everest or Vinson can really drive the price-tag up! Regardless of how far you get to your goal, it will be one hell of an adventure,

about the money. i do not plan on using all of it, and the money i dont use will go back to the sponsors. and in the $175,000 i am doing the 8 summits plus Cho Oyu. and about the guiding, like i mentioned in other posts, i am young and my parents will not let me go to africa by myself, so i must join a group, or go with them. and since they are not rich or in shape, then i have no other choices. and about the previous mountains, like i said, cant go to seattle or the cascades by myself and the parents dont have the $ or the shape to go with me.

and what makes me special? well i have updated my website and sponsorship letter, so i will be climbing for heart disease, all money generated through ads will go towards it. and of course the youngest thing (although i dont really care about being the youngest).

and about sponsors, i just received a small sponsor, LEKI, but not any major ones. i will be sure to update my website when i get the chance so i can recognize everyone.


Trunl...this link is interesting from today's WSJ....take a look, it might help...,,SB109330163443699028-IdjfINglal3o52saHyIbKmEm4,00.html




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