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Seven summits on seven weeks

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Some years ago a norwegian expedition tried to do five summits on five weeks (Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Carstenz, Aconcagua and Denali). Then manage all but Aconcagua (bad weather)  in just about six weeks.

Could it be possible with maximum of luck :lol) to take all of the summits on only seven weeks? I can imagine that Everest might be the most difficult and maybe Carstenz?

I know for sure that I`ll never try this crazy project but when you read about the sherpa making speed record to Everest I thought that nothing is impossible ???

that sherpa had acclimatized for weeks. you would have to first acclimatize, then go to base camp and officially start your time. then you would be completely acclimatized for all summits. so this is actually very realistic. you would not have to acclimatize on any other mountain.


hehehe, you might have to choose between a winter climb of Everest or a winterclimb of Aconcagua/Vinson.


ouch... well you certainly wouldnt be strong enough to climb all that with even a highly rigourous everest training schedule. so what you would have to do is find a medium everest training schedule and double everything and start a year before you plan to climb.
heres how the climbs might go:
week1: summit everest after weeks of acclimatization
week2: summit kilimanjaro (need the easiest one, because you need rest)
week3: summit vinson (you dont want to get too late into winter near the south pole, and this will be around mid-june)
week4: summit denali (perfect climbing season, as it is still mid-june, and you need a slightly easier climb after the hardest climb, mentally)
week5: summit aconcagua (this should make you work for the summit, but this will be the best time to do it, now it is early-july)
week6: summit elbrus (slightly easier climb, and closer to climbing season)
week7: summit carstensz (get ready for an extremely hard climb, very technical, you will be exhausted by this point)
week8: summit kosciuszko (if you want to go for all eight, good luck, tourists will be walking past you as you struggle for every step, you will be completely drained)
week9: go to sleep for this week


Hi Trunl,
this looks easier than it is as on the southern half of the world it's actually full winter in June/July, therefore it will be completely dark on Vinson (and -40 or lower) and Aconcagua would be in winter jetstreams constantly.

Sounds like fun  ;D


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