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Climbers brain


There was a guy who needed a new brain so he went round to a lab and to buy one. He points to a brain in a jar and says, "How much for that one?"

"6 million," the doctor replies.
"What! That's ridiculous; why so much?"
"Oh, it was from a doctor who was very healthy, religious and moral."

"Ok then, how much for that one over there?"
"2 million."
"I can't believe that! Look, it's got some flaky bits and it's all bruised."
"Well it came from a fine specimen of a lawyer who made a decent living and who only cheated on his wife, his taxes and at cards."

The man was beside himself. Finally he found a moth-eaten tattered little brain, about the size of a walnut, sitting in a jar. "What about this one?" he asked.

"30 billion."
"30 billion?! But it's in awful condition and it's tiny! Why so much?"
"Do you know how many climbers we had to go through before we found one with a brain?"



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