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Author Topic: Indian naval Everest team wants to climb 7 summits  (Read 4113 times)


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After climbing Everest with 11 out of 14 members the navy team wants to climb the 7 summits!

This is from Webindia.com

The 14-member team, of which 11 reached the summit, became the first naval team in the world to climb the world's highest peak, which stands at 8,850 metres above sea level.

Led by Commander Satyabrata Dam, who has been climbing mountains since the age of 10, the team conquered Everest in a year that has been declared the worst in climbing history, with 10 mountaineers dead and two missing.

Flagged off in March in a submarine, 50 metres under the sea, off the coast of Goa, the team undertook intense fitness training for the climb including yoga, weight training and special cardio-vascular exercises.

The team chose the hazardous north/north-east side of Everest for the climb - usually the southern side is preferred because it is easier.

Braving winds at 100 knots and glaciers three-four feet high and weighing 15-20 tonnes, which could crash on them any time, the team conquered the top of the world.

"We were the first navy team in the world to have climed Mount Everest so the feeling was of great excitement and we are glad and relieved," said Dam.

"Next we are planning for the seven summits which no Indian has done and no team in the world has done that is climbing the highest peak of all the seven continents," he added.

Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Madhvendra Singh during the ceremony reaffirmed the Navy's commitment to promoting adventure activities.

He also said the success of the expedition epitomized the spirit of adventure in the Navy, resilience and fighting spirit of the team in achieving their objectives.

The Defence Minister was also presented with an Ice Axe. The naval team has many firsts to its credit. It was the first team from any Navy to reach Mt. Everest, the first Indian Armed forces team to climb from the North face and had the first Indian doctor to scale it. (ANI)

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Re: Indian naval Everest team wants to climb 7 summits
« Reply #1 on: Jun 21 2004, 23:57 »

hehe i know these guys personally...always in for a good laugh and gossip about woman. ;D
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