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Drunk on the seven summits

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I want to be the first drunk man to stand on the top of the seven summits. Any suggestions to how I should train to complete this mission? I guess it`s very common to drink a lot while youre on cold mountain as Denali, since you don`t get cold while drinking?

If anyone want to join my expedition please let me know!

 :lol) :lol) :lol) :lol) :lol) :lol) :lol) :lol) :lol) :lol) :lol) :lol) :lol) :lol) :lol) :lol)

what a great idea, id love to join your expeditions. good idea bout the tap dancing by the way!

Who's gonna sponsor ?......Heiniken? >:D

Are you just an idiot or are you really serious about this. Get your facts strait, alcohol does not actually make you warmer. It dilates your blood vessels so at first you feel warmer, but the end result leaves you colder and much more prone to frostbite and hypothermia. This is a really bad plan, the tops of mountains are the most deadly enviroments on earth, seriously don't get yourself killed. There is enough to deal with up there with out being impaired by alcohol.

hahaha  lena im sure the guy is kidding....relax  ;D....and your right in what your saying about alcohol. It has 1 plus effect makes the blood thinner and thus you can tranport more O2 to the smaller vessels on high altutude. During my last expedition on everest we had some tjeck people with us and they were drinking a lot saying it was good for acclimatisation..and they had astonisly good O2 value's in their blood. Also the russiens (north direct on Everest) were drunck alot and they made the summit heheheh.
We let our expedition medical team do research about the subject and they came up with a lot of different answers. Concluded that they dont realy know actuallly. So we decided to stay sober ;)


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