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Experienced climbing partners for Vinson climb needed


Marshall Ulrich:
I am an experienced climber looking for a couple of partners interested in climbing Vinson (unguided).  Seven Summits site offers this trip for $21,750.  Vinson trip (2) and or (4) would be my preferences.  Contact me if you are interested.

Marshall Ulrich

Ed Diffendal:
Hey Marshall, I am interested if you are still putting together a trip.  I've done seven peaks over 6K meters including Everest this past Spring, all unguided, plus a ton of techincal rock and mountain climbing lower down.  I would be psyched to do an unguided Vinson trip.  Let me know.

--Ed Diffendal

John Christiana:

I already contacted Marshall, but he already summitted Vinson last January or so.  Vinson can be climbed unguided, but it is still expensive.


Hey John,

good to see you back  8)
Did you get the Everest pix already?

Yes, Marshall climbed last year. Officially there is no more unguided climbing as too many temprary groups split up, leaving unprepared climbers alone on a very hostile mountain.

But if you and Ed sign up (you are both from SF by the way) for teh same trip with me then I will be able to arrange something. Just let me know.


John boy:

Not received the pix yet, will advise.  and likewise.  I'll contact Ed offline and we'll see what we can   maybe I'll know in 2 weeks.  good point about groups breaking up.  must get to know them.

but as you know (Everest 1) things never go as planned.

It was cool, Harry, that we came off Everest around the same time, and got to know each other more, one on one.  we started as roommates in Kathmandu and ended the trip as roommates in Kathmandu!  I have been in touch with almost everyone in our Everest family...



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