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Thursday 16th September, back on NC 7000 m


Harry sent one short SMS today:

"HaRo! ik W&3Sh nu op NC7000m;veelsneeuw. morgen mayb camp2 7500m klaar, proberen daar te slapen.B&S @ABC, Morgen mayb NC, beiden nietfit. groevaha!"

So ... the laptop isn't working, but Werner and Harry made it back up to NC through a pack of snow today. They'll spend the night with the three Sherpas that are fixing the ropes. Unfortunately Boris still wasn't strong enough and also Sander decided to rest a day. They're both hoping to go up to NC tomorrow.

Werner and Harry will try to go up to camp 2 at 7500 m tomorrow to spend the night there. If conditions allow, they will try to climb up to 7900 m on Saturday or Sunday. Bad weather is expected for Tuesday, so they'll want to race down to ABC or even BC. If they really manage to go up to 7900 m and then rest 4 to 6 days in BC, they'll be perfectly prepared for the summit!

Andre (van thijs):
groetjes van Andre (Werner knows who), veel succes, good luck, keep up the good spirit!


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