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Hi All you armchair mountaineers!

I am back in Kathmandu. which means, yes, the expedition is canceled  :P
I do not have much time right now, but will try to write a full report of my side of the story tomorrow.

Let me tell you for now that I am very dissappointed  :'( I have slept at 7500m without problems or oxygen, ate well there and was ready to go higher. The decision to abort was made without me being there (as I was at 7500m, alone) and I did not agree with the reasoning.
There were problems with Yaks, ropes, Sherpas and for some members physical and mental problems.
But as said, I will try to get online for a few hours tomorrow and share the full story.

Many lessons learned, anyone for Spring 2004 for Everest?

The next days we have to sort out the cargo shipping, and the return flights to Amsterdam as our original flight schedule was 15t october. So we do not know if we have to stay here a few days, a week or longer.

All the best wishes so far and thanks for your support,


Damned! Harry, ik ben trots op je poging! Volgende keer beter, ik ben blij dat je veilig beneden bent. Ook de RBWMF gaat er aan!

Gr. Sidney

Ha Harry,

blij weer te horen dat je veilig beneden bent! Respect voor de poging, natuurlijk teleurstelling dat het zo afloopt, maar weet zeker dat je de top nog gaat bereiken! Geniet zo lang mogelijk van de bergen, voordat je weer naar ons herfstige vlakke landje terugkomt!

Hoop je snel te zien vriend!


Since I love Dutch but don't understand a word of it I thought I would translate the previous 2 submissions so that everyone can get a sense of what they were writing to Harry. Please note that this translation is not made by me but by the marvelous Systran.

First submission:
Damned! Harry, I am proud on your attempt! Next time improves, I am glad that you are safely downstairs. Also the RBWMF go there to! Gr. Sidney

Second submission:
Hi Harry, gladly that to hear you are downstairs! Respect for the attempt, of course vexation that it expires this way, but weet certainly that you will reach the top still! Enjoys as long as possible the mounts, before you return to our herfstige flat landje! Hope you rapidly see friend! Bass

That doesn't make a lot of sense, does it? I think we better put it back into Dutch, here you go, both from Sidney and Baarzen  ;D

Eerste voorlegging:
Vervloekt! Harry, ben ik trots op uw poging! De volgende tijd verbetert, ben ik blij dat u veilig beneden bent. Ook gaat RBWMF daar aan! Gr. Sidney

Tweede voorlegging:
Hallo Harry, graag dat om te horen u beneden bent! Eerbied voor de poging, natuurlijk vexation dat het deze manier verloopt, maar weet zeker dat u de bovenkant nog zult bereiken! Geniet zo lang mogelijk van de onderstellen, alvorens u op onze herfstige vlakke landje terugkomt! De hoop u ziet snel vriend! Baarzen

I'm happy to learn that Harry's up to fulfilling his dreams. If not this year, then certainly next. And most of all, he's safely coming back home pretty soon! Still too bad ... ah  >:( it...


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