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June/July 2005

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It would be great to meet up with some people from this forum and take on Mt. Elbrus.

I have a suggestion. We use Pilgrim Tours as operator, the same as 7summits use for their trips. The only difference is that we do it ourselves, after all isnšt that a part of the pleasure? I don't want to ride a skilift more then half-way up the mountain...

Their lite package is roughtly 100 Euros = approx. 120 USD. The price is dependant on the number of members in the team...

We go to Moscow and meet up there. Stay in a hotel for 1 night before we go off to MinVody. The internal flight is about $200 USD, we use the service for transport to MSD Lodge and stay there for a night before we start working ourselves up the mountain. Stay in tents and cook our own meals and everything...

I haven't done any real calculations but I think the trip would cost about $500 excluding airfare to and from Moscow to your destination...

Trunl, this is a great chance for you mate.

I've checked out the prices for you for airfare from Texas to Moscow, return flight with LuftHansa.

Austin, TX - BERGSTROM INTL. (AUS) > Chicago - O'Hare International (ORD) > Frankfurt/Main International (FRA) > Moscow - Sheremetyevo (SVO) > Frankfurt/Main International (FRA) > Chicago - O'Hare International (ORD) > Austin, TX - BERGSTROM INTL. (AUS) 

Price is approx. $1055

I would love to have you with the "expedition".

Hopefully some more members on this forum will be interested in joining!

id love to but my parents would not let me unless they got to meet with you first.... and i doubt that....

if you can come to texas and meet my parents, i would be glad to. i would work really hard to your rough estimate of $2000 all by myself.


*earn your rough estimate.....

i forgot the word earn.


if you can make it June/July 2007, ill be in.  ;D ;D (ill be 18).

(ill now stop posting  ::) ::))


Arf, 2007  :o  :o  :o

Actually I wouldn't mind going back there then either but I am going next summer... Don't want to plan for 2007 though, at least not a mountain I will most likely have summited by then.

And, actually the estimate is $1500-1600 total, not $2000...

Sorry to say that I can't see myself going to Austin to meet your parents though... I'm not made of money  ;)


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