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June/July 2005

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I'd love to dad and I were talking at dinner last night about where to go before I leave for college. Elbrus was one of the ones that come up. Just have to find a second job and we'll be up for it (my dad and I). $2,000 isn't too much money to save up

That sounds great! Anyone else? Maybe some of the hardcore mountaineers like Ron or Harry?  O0

Hello Trunl,

maybe it wouldn't be necessary for Buddha to go all the way to Texas. Maybe your parents could communicate with him by phone / email / video conference! something...write letters, send pictures. There should be a way in this day and age without having to travel 1000s of miles...maybe one (or two) of your family could even travel to Russia with you - not to climb but they could at least wait on in Moscow or somewhere near the mountain while you're climbing. Just a thought. I think it would be a great experience for you and a good opportunity to meet others who share your passion. You are really lucky that you discovered mountaineering so early in your life (unlike me who is 30 and suffering from bad knees  ;) ), you have so many opportunities ahead of you and lots of time so don't even worry if you can't make it to Elbrus this time.

Good luck, I hope it works out. Where there's a will theres a way!

Good idea Buddha, to meet some fellow persons from the 7summits forum in Caucasus. I'll be in the area in June/July next year, even though I probably wont climb Elbrus. Once is enough. My main objectives are Donguz Orun (next door to Elbrus) and some peaks in the Bezengi area. Possibly also a peak in Adil Su valley - Djan Tugan.
The peaks there are excellent for acclimatization for Elbrus btw.

Let's keep in contact and maybe we can have a dinner or camp together over there in beautiful Caucasus. Always interesting to see who you guys are "live".


--- Quote from: Corsair on Sep 30 2004, 19:03 --- Always interesting to see who you guys are "live".

--- End quote ---

Had been funny if it turned out that everyone was 30-40 kg over their match-weight :_[ and no-one knew upside down on their newly bought climbing equiptment ;D


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