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June/July 2005

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--- Quote from: Jaybird-99 on Nov 11 2005, 22:02 ---Hi,

Did this trip happen ?

Interested in how you found Pilgrim Tours



--- End quote ---

Hey John,

No.. The trip didn't happen. Me and Mari still haven't given up hope on going there some day though.

As to Pilgrim Tours. They were very good as far as we dealt with them and even though we didn't get to go this time you can rest asure that we will use them next time to set everything up for us in Russia.


--- Quote from: The Little Blonde Girl on Nov 20 2005, 16:35 ---Heej jag agar och jag ar en snygg svensk blondin ::)

--- End quote ---

agar is't a swedish word and it's also "jag är en snygg svensk blondin".. Good try though!

I would highly recommend Pilgrim Tours - have travelled with them to the area twice

I am closing this topic as the expedition has passed, off-topic discussions are starting and most of all some chinese spambot is spamming it. :?)

Please start new topics for separate discussions.


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