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Back in office, first pictures online


Hi all, thanks for your comments and nice words. I am back in office now, catching up with email, might take some days, so please bear with me if you do not get an answer this week.

Meanwhile I have placed 22 pictures online from the trip and expedition, check them out at the Everest picture gallery here .

These are only pix taken with the video camera, so quality is not that impressive, but you can get an idea of the mountain and surroundings; and as always you can send all pictures as eCards for free, just press the button you will find below the pictures..

Will scan some high quality slides later this week..  8)

Thanks and keep climbing,


Welcome back Harry!

I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures from your expedition and maybe also a "story" about everything from preparations to the expedition itself!

Thanks Buddha,

after I get through the piles of email I weill start working on a proper Everest section with useful info for climbers etc. Might take a while, but it will get there  8)
Will also scan some of the 300 slides I took over there...

Keep climbing,


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