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Hi all you (armchair) mountaineers!

As it is Everest season, this usually means that the list of 7 summiteers will be longer soon as many choose to do Everest last.
But where can you 'deposit' your name for the famous list?

Well, here! We are working together with the leading authority of mountain statistics and together we will keep the list updated and valid.

On this new 7summits site you can find all statistics so far, many features and more.
We have placed both lists, so both Carstensz Pyramid and Kosciuszko summiteers.

How can you get on the list?
You can apply here online for a place on the famous list! On this form you can fill out your details and upload a picture.

We will validate all entries and add them to the big 7summits list!

Hope to see you soon there,  :D

Thanks and keep climbing,
best regards,

The 7summits.com team

Hi all,

now you can apply through the form on the site, please go here if you want to be on the list of all lists...

CU there,


If you have completed the 7summits. please fill out :
the form here.

Thanks, see you on the list?

The 7summits team.

so many people are now completing the seven summits that many are not getting recognized. i have checked over SEVERAL different versions of lists and sadly have found many people go unrecognized. not everybody that completes the seven summits applies for YOUR list. maybe you should check other sources to update your list.

Hi there,
thanks for your input, can you name any climber whohas climbed teh 7 and is not on our list? This list is compiled by me together with the leading staticians Xavier Eguskitza and Eberhard Jurgalski.
We share all information with eachother and do not steal like other 7summits sites/lists. We go to manu trouble and personally contact the mountaineers to get all the dates and facts right.

So if you know anyone that should be on the list, just contact me or Adventurestats.com.


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