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Completion of 7 summits?

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--- Quote --- Trunl stated that it is your own experience, memories and sense of achievement that is important.
--- End quote ---

Yeah but didn't trunl also say he climbed mount whitney?  ;D

Oops - is that a can of worms?  >:D


--- Quote from: mc on Jan 27 2006, 13:07 ---Harry

Regarding the "7 summits" list.

I know you have been busy, but I still don't see Annabelle Bond, Urszula Tokarska, Danielle Fisher, Jake Meyer or YOU...Harry!  Also the "7 summiteers" that were on the Vinson teams you and Alex guided: Viktor, Alex, Soren, Boris and Heber.
Trunl stated that it is your own experience, memories and sense of achievement that is important.  This is true...but a little recognition never hurt anyone!   ;D


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Well, you should look more closely:
the first 4 persons you mentioned are there and have been there for a while..

Everything has been updated until the day I left for Antarctica and I have been back exactly 2 days with a huge backlog of mails and other stuff. Besides it takes a lot of time and effort to get all the correct info from the climbers. I will add myself when I know the dates of the persons before me in the list. It took me 7 years , a few more days won't hurt  8)

I am proud of what I accomplished, but my main drive is to get all the statistics correct and good for the lists. But it wil be very satisfying when I can hit the 'save' button  ;D

Mary Clare:

--- Quote from: 7summits on Jan 28 2006, 08:41 ---
Well, you should look more closely

--- End quote ---

I most certainly should...I was looking at the adventurestats.com list.  I didn't know how to link to your stat list.  Great job, Harry.

MC    :D   

Erik van der Neut:

I think it's fantastic you're making such an efforts to keep the statistics correct and complete.  I really do agree with you that that's incredibly important. 

- Erik

Hi Harry!

It was nice to finally meet you in person and it had to be on the runway of Patriot Hills in Antarctica for that!!! ;D

I summited Vinson Massif on January 19 for number 4 of 7. It was a great climb in a spectacular place but we got stranded in base camp for 6 days due to clouds and another 2 days in Patriot Hills due to windy conditions. I got back home yesterday.

My tent mate got his number 7 on Vinson, his name is David Liano of Mexico. If you need more info, I've got his email.



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