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Yup Bas is a total nutcase ;D


--- Quote from: Ron on Oct 29 2004, 02:13 ---Yup Bas is a total nutcase ;D

--- End quote ---

Here's another of me, Marian and Bas on the summit of Denali, together we were team 'Dutch Delight'  ;D

(that down jacket was stolen on Everest btw, if anybody sees it you have my permission to take it away with brute force  :() )

pura vida:
  Hello I have a personal mountaineering  website,  please feel free to visit it.
 Hope you like it.

I have a website for my band - not really climbing info though.  O0

I did keep a diary of my Kili and Elbrus climbs though. Not much else in the line of climbing info unfortunately. (2002 attempt - Diary + photos)  (2005 climb + summit - photos only)

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Hey MoT!

I just read your Elbrus trip report. The guides Oxanna and Marina were really good, I climbed with them this summer. I posted my summit picture on Elbrus in the summitlog and it is Marina who took it.

The last part of the climb to the west summit (the 400m) is one tough cookie in bad condition.  :P We had the same whiteout condition as you guys and it took at least one and a half hour to the summit, a neverending slog uphill. I'm sorry you didn't make it but I think it was a good decision to retreat.

We were four guys with Marina in front with a good rythm considering the conditions, but going down was hard because I was really tired but we managed to get down by 2:00pm for a 10 hours round trip to the summit.

And there were 5 guys with Oxanna who should have retreated but went to the summit anyway. There was one who panicked, couldn't move descending, another one who lost is crampons at least 4 times, couldn't walk straight, and most of them went straight to sleep for the night upon arriving at the Barrels at 4:00pm.  ???

People underestimates Elbrus. It is more difficult than it looked. And with the conditions it can be quite hazardous, but what a beautiful place it is and definitely worth it to climb to its summit.



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