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4 new 7 summiteers added! Haruhisa Watanabe, Holt Hunter and Jo/Rob Gambi!


We just added 4 more climbers who finished all 7 summits last summer to the general &  Kosciuszko seven summits list.
(click on their last names to go to their detail pages with more info)

In the combined general list (of those who climbed either Carstensz or Kosciuszko or both as their 7th summit) they are #123-126:

#123 (Kosciuszko #87) Haruhisa Watanabe, male, Japan born on 25/08/81 finished on Denali on 12/06/04
#124 (Kosciuszko #88 Holton (D. Jr) Hunter male, Cayman Islands born on 20/10/72 finished on Denali 24/06/04

#125 (Kosciuszko #89) Jo Gambi, female, UK  & #126 (Kosciuszko #90) Rob Gambi male Australia are a married couple and climbed all 7 summits together and finished on Elbrus 20/07/04

Congratulations to all!
If you have climbed all 7 let us know by using the form!


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