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Author Topic: Nifty ways to save money on a french climbing trip.  (Read 7516 times)


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1. Go buildering in the city centre, and shout and scream to attract the french police's attention, and hope they throw you and your friends in jail for the night, thereby saving on Hostel expensives. Alternatively, if the police decide you will be a bad influence on the other prisoners, and refuse to give you a bed for the night, locate a park somewhere, and pitch your tent there for the night.

2. If you fail to locate a park, find a club frequented by rich, beautiful french women who climb 8c, and drive a convertable. Speak romatically to them about anything, (they probably won't understand a word) or about life in deepest darkest Africa. This technique often is not succesful as there are few of those bars around, so instead be friendly to climbers who have nice cars, and houses with large climbing gyms. (eg. J.B. Tribout) Avoid climbers who stink, and wear dirty jeans and no shoes, (eg. Keith Forbes - no offence Keith) and especially Germans with short yellow hair on their heads (resembling tennis balls) who like to look at your behind.

3. Do not under any circumstances pay for toilet facilities. Locate an establishment offering a free ablution service, (eg. Universities) take advantage of the facilities, have a leisurely shower, shave, brush your teeth, and take the complimentry towel. Fire up your burner and sell coffee in the bathroom. If they are already selling coffee in that particular establishment, (eg. McDonalds, or a Climbing Gym) you may be forced to lower your price to below theirs, to offer a more competitive deal.

(from this page )

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