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Jean Yves Fredricksen lecture and slideshow


For any Irish people on the forum....is that just you and me MoT?

Jean Yves Fredricksen, a French Alpine guide and one of the leading alpinists of the modern era. Over the past decade he has made numerous cutting-edge ascents throughout the world that have included climbs in the Karakoram and Patagonia.

Jean Yves, in association with Sport Corran Tuathail, Killarney will present a spectacular slideshow of some of his incredible ascents on big walls in the karakoram, Patagonia and elsewhere.

Wednesday, Dec 1st
Tara Hotel, Dublin

Thursday, Dec 2nd
Galway, NUIG, Arts Millennium Building, lecture hall AM150

Monday, Dec 6th
Cork (venue TBA - see www.sct.ie/events)

Tuesday, Dec 7th
Sport Corran Tuathail, Killarney

Time: 8pm
Admission fee: 12

Should be a pretty spectacular show!

Ah crap, I'll be ice climbing in (ironically enough) Iceland that week  :?)


--- Quote from: MoT on Nov 25 2004, 15:50 ---Ah crap, I'll be ice climbing in (ironically enough) Iceland that week  :?)

--- End quote ---

Really? I'm so jealous  :o


--- Quote from: Daisy on Nov 25 2004, 16:31 ---

Really? I'm so jealous  :o

--- End quote ---

You're not the only jealous one... Damn, Iceland is supposed to be a wonderful country. Have fun in the hot steaming outdoor pools!

Yeah, i saved up my annual leave from work (and some cash) - flying out next Wednesday for 10 days... A nice break (an ice break) from running cycling, hill walking etc... (and beer  ;D)


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