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As we are a group from the 7 Summits forum that will go to Mt. Elbrus this coming summer I thought I would throw up this FAQ and hopefully some of the more experienced mountaineers can give us advice and do's and don'ts...

Please, stay on topic so you don't start discussing Aconcagua in this thread as well as a previous thread ;)

If you have any questions ask away here in this topic!

I will start with a few questions...

1. I've seen in a couple of other threads the ongoing discussion about boots. Harry is recommending plastic boots. Any special kind or will any plastic boot do fine?
Koflach Arctis Expe is the one that pops into my head that I would like to purchase. Is this boot warm enough for other mountains as well of the great 7?

2. Ok, I have this thing about going to the "bathroom" on high altitude... I don't have any questions about #1. That's easy enough for a guy. But what about #2? Let's say that I am on my way to the summit, being on one of those looong slopes that you can see on pics from Elbrus. Returning to go to the "bathroom" is out of the question and I can't just drop my pants right there in the middle of the trail where everyone else is going past me. What to do? I mean, on some parts there just isn't a place to cover up... Do you dig a shelter or something a bit away from the trail or what?

Will Scarpa Vega double plastic boots be ok?


--- Quote from: Mari on Jan 11 2005, 16:02 ---Will Scarpa Vega double plastic boots be ok?

--- End quote ---
Yes, more than perfect. Usable for Aconcagua as well.  8)

Ok, thanks...

Another question concerning footwear...(I wanna protect my feet as well as possible  :))

Gaiters...plain or insulated?


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