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Hello, for all of you that might be interested, I went to see a conference in Montreal, Canada just a couple days ago about a son and his father who climbed all 7 summits together. They made a short independant movie out of videos the had taken on their adventures called 'The eye of the son', L'oeil du fils' in french. It was really good, both had no previous experience and were not the best fit people. check out www.momentfactory.com. For those living in the montreal area, they are having a few more conferences on feb 6 and 9. you can also check out 'les grands explorateurs'.

Hi Peak_sneak,

thanks for this, I was once approached by a Canadian Journalist about this, but he never came back to me with the names and the details of these 2 climbers. Do you know their names or anything else so I can contact them, check their climbs and add them to the statistics lists?


Hey 7summits, their names were Jason Rodi (son) and Bruno Rodi (father). Not sure what contact information I could give you besides that the son owns a little production company I think called Moment Factory and the father is CEO of some other company...I am sure if you type their names in a search engine you could find more details.


I just finished reading the book about Bass&Wells. Did all the filming of them ever result in an actually movie?

Hi Andreas,

I never could find anything about the Bass/Wells movie. I contacted Dick Bass once but did not get a reply and had not tried again.

If anybody has more info about this, I would love to know!



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